About us


Zikomo Ireland is committed to fostering the long-term self-sufficiency of rural communities in southern Malawi.

Values and Beliefs:

Our work is guided by the following five principles:


Direct aid

We strive to ensure that our funding gets the most direct way possible to our community-based projects in Malawi. We keep administration expenses to an absolute minimum. All the Irish staff work for Zikomo on a completely voluntary-basis and do not claim expenses.   

Community-based development

We believe small, community-based development projects will play an important role in ending extreme poverty.
We work with local communities to find projects that best suit their needs and involve them in the development and ongoing management of these projects. Projects must be sustainable over the long-term (i.e. work without on-going philnathropic funding) in order to avoid making communities “aid dependent”.


We are results-orientated and committed to ensuring that funds are used effectively. Where appropriate we will work in partnership with other NGOs, Government departments, and/or Community Groups. 

Integrity and Accountability

In all our activities we adhere to the highest ethical standards and consider the long-term effects of our actions. We will maintain transparency and aim to be accountable for all the donations that are entrusted to our organisation.


We are wholly independent of any political party, religious order, or corporate organisation.

Who we are

Zikomo is run by two voluntary boards. The Board of Directors is in Ireland and is reposnible for governance, fundraising, and the strategic direction of Zikomo. It also must approve all expenditure. 
The Board of Management is based in Malawi and is made up of highly talented local professionals that wish to see lasting change in their surrounding communities. The role of the Board of Management is mainly administrative but they also propose projects that they believe Zikomo should engage in.

All board members are dirven by a strong personal commitment to the organisation’s cause and work on a completely voluntary basis.


Board of Directors:

Margaret Geraghty, Galway, Ireland

Clare O’Sullivan, Clarenbridge, Ireland

Michael Cadden , An Spiddeal, Ireland

Maugie Francis, Galway, Ireland

Gwilym Williams, Geneva, Switzerland

Geraldine McDermott, Galway, Irealnd

Jim Gosling, Galway, Ireland

Pat O'Connor, Galway, Ireland


Board of Management:

Samson MacJessie, Zomba, Malawi

Winston Chiwaya, Blantyre, Malawi

Joseph Ngoli, Zomba, Malawi

Richard Saphiri, Zomba, Malawi

Jeane Kalinga, Blantyre, Malawi

Princess Kalua, Zomba, Malawi

Mrs. Thunga, Zomba, Malawi

- Each Board is responsible for electing members onto their respective boards on an annual basis.
- Each Board is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of current and future projects that enable Zikomo to achieve its mission and also to ensure the most efficient use of resources and funds available to the organisation.
- Each Board is responsible to communicate with project managers so that they know their responsibilities, that they are aware of the organisation's goals and objectives, and that the actitives they are carrying out are in-line with those goals.

Zikomo took on its first full time employee in November 2008. Alice Sovereign Chisi has over 20 years experience working for  development organisations in Malawi. She has a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Malawi Bunda College of Agriculture and a Diploma in Agriculture and Rural Development. She is an excellent community organizer and understands the needs of rural Malawian communities. Alice worked for Zikomo up until August 2009 and we are highly appreciative of her commitment and hard work and we wish her every success in the future.

Bazwell  Bazuka Macande is the current Programmes Manager for Zikomo. Bazwell has many years experience working as a Project Manager for various develpment organisations in Malawi. He has valuable training in community development, goat keeping, and bee keeping. He is very entrepreneurial and uses his own initiative to make sure that things get done. He is a valued asset to the communities he works with.