Summary of report 2020

This illustrate main activities carried out during the year 2020 of the project implementation in kawinga project area.
Under Crop production, a total of 37 bags each weighing 70kg of maize were realized in the 2019 to 2020 growing season.
Under Nursery School program, a total of 293 children enrolled into our schools this year and we have 12 teachers for this program.
On free school fees program for secondary students, a total of 8 students are on this program (2 doing form four while 6 are in form three).
Under potable water, a total of seven (7) new boreholes in seven (7) new villages (Mbere, Majawa, Mwiti Mtope,Pearson, Fulayide and Magombo were constructed one at each village during the year hence we have 10 boreholes and all boreholes are working very well. For these newly boreholes a total of 2400 people are benefiting from this development from almost 23 villages.
Under livestock production, on offspring born so far a total of 378 were born since the start of the program, and a total of 89 offspring were passed on to beneficiaries. And cumulatively a project had a total of 387 goats in the area to 127 beneficiaries.
Under Bee keeping, a total of 242 bottles each weighing 250g were realized since last of last year and a total of k383,000.00 was also realized through honey sales since last of last year.
Under Natural Resources management, out of 14227 planted, a total of 12974 trees survived representing 91%.
On meetings, a total of 29 meetings were conducted during the year and a total of 1450 people attended these meetings in all the centers including board meetings.