Report for June and July


This report covers the activities planned and achievements made at ZIKOMO CBO of Matande Village in Zomba District in the month of June 2010.


Matande conservation and Self-Sufficiency Based Integrated Programme is one of the programmes being implemented by ZIKOMO ORGANIZATION MALAWI in Zomba District and is funded by Zikomo Organization of Ireland. Matande project was started in August 2008 by constructing a resource centre. The project is aimed at improving the livelihood standard of farm families of Group Village Headman Matande by improving household food security, Self-sufficiency and access to income and social services by December 2012. The program is implementing activities in three areas of: food security, integrated rural development and capacity building. These programs are designed to address the problems of food insecurity, low-income level and poor access to social services experienced by the community of Matande. The overall purpose of the program will be achieved through the following outputs:
•    Increased and diversified crop production
•    Well developed cooperatives and rural youth.
•    Improved access to agricultural inputs.
•    Increased livestock production.
•    Gender mainstreaming into program activities promoted.
•    Enhanced literacy and numerical capacity of adult illiterates.
•    Reduced population growth rate and HIV/AIDS incidences.
•    Strengthened capacity of local institutions.  

The following is the summary of the activities achieved during the month of June at the centre.

During the month of June we conducted several meetings both with the committee members and the Youth. These meetings were aimed at increasing participatory monitoring of the activities being implemented at the centre. The meetings were well attended by the beneficiaries.

Eight bags of maize each 50kgs were produce and have all been treated against weevils. One bag was sold to the Nursery School, so we have remained with 7bags.

There are 11beds planted with onions, 12 beds planted with mustered and 15 beds planted with maize. Work is continuing to increasing the area of cultivation. We intend to plant more maize as it doesn`t need more water. We have diverted water from the river to where we are doing our horticultural activities. Both the committee and the Youth are taking part on this program.

We finalized the training on designing and weeding of the screen. So far we have printed  5T/Shirts with the Zikomo CBO logo. We have produced a very beautiful Logo for our CBO, and with this skill, we are going to produce more screen printed T/Shirts which will be sold so as to generate money for the CBO.

This is one of the activities that have been taking place at the center. The bakery has been constructed behind the building, and we are remaining with making 4 trays and a chimney for the bakery. Women will be able to bake bread, cakes and others for sale either on group or individual basis.

Two solar panels were installed at the centre during the month that costed MK692733.22. We are however experiencing  blackout even during the day time. We have asked the Radio Link to come and check the system may be there is a mistake somewhere. The system is failing to drive a computer and a video at the same time, and even if there is no computer, sometimes we cannot manage to finish a film. But we are able to use lights during the night.

During this month, we have managed to procure a laptop for the centre as we have electricity at the centre. We are now able to write reports using our own computer at the centre. The laptop was bought at MK85000.00.


During these two months, we managed to procure one TV set at k22000.00, DVD player at k7500.00 and one complete set dish at k19500.00 (DECORDER, DISH). The communities are happy with this development and there are always more people at the centre coming to watch, television and videos although we are not getting enough money due to the problem of power supply. We even sometimes pay back (re-fund) the money to the people due to this problem. The community is however happy because it is also using the electricity to charge mobile phone handsets.


During the period, we introduced a program of tailoring at the centre where 7 people are undergoing training on tailoring (4 youth and 3 adults).These people will graduate in November 2010. So far the class has started very well, all the students are coming for their classes and they are doing fine, and the names of the students are as follows:
Mussa     Umali
Dorica     Kholowa
Atheni     Masauko
Lonjezo   Maloya
Mrs. Judith Lumenda
Mrs. Dorothy Nazombe
Mrs. Rinesi Sonjera
The enthusiasm for this course is high and we have a long list of people waiting for the same training. As we have only one teacher (instructor) for the time being, we will only proceed with 7 students.
On the same program of tailoring, we are also doing business. During the morning hours, the tailor is sewing clothes for sale, and teaches in the afternoon. People have started coming with their clothes for mending at a price. We have already made 15 nursery school uniforms of which 7 were already sold (the money to be paid by month end of July). A girl uniform is selling at k400.00, while a boy uniform is going at k350.00. We have also made one lady suit which is selling at k4000.00.
We have built a shade at the centre where all these are taking place. The shade is 3m by 2m and was well built. We have employed a professional tailor who is teaching the students and his salary is Mk8000.00 per month. We hope to be generating this salary from the clothes he is making for sale.


The program is going on well with more children coming for classes. 68 children were registered 26 boys and 42 girls. But the actual number coming is 50 children. Some of these children are on school uniform which is green and white. The school is to be closed on the 6thAugust 2010 and they have prepared some dances, songs, poems and others. Parents have been invited for the closing ceremony.


This is one of the popular activities taking place at the centre. The group is still performing shows at the centre and the surrounding villages. Jointly with the committee, the youth is also doing horticultural activities at the center. The group has planned a trip to Mtogolo CBO at Domasi and Nakutepa  in Machinga  Distrct to visit fellow youth groups and show them what is done Matande centre. (Matande centre is well known everywhere because of its fast growing development).


The program was introduced by the government at the centre which means that the government is responsible for paying the instructor for the work done during these months, but this is not the case, as the instructor has not yet received his monthly payment since May 2010. So together with the Board we have decided to pay the instructor for these three months that the government has failed to pay him but at the same rate of k500.00 per month. The government staff had never visited the centre since this man was introduced at the centre, and there is no encouragement from the government side.


This is also one of the activities taking place at the centre. The board approved a loan of MK135,000.00 to 14 women. The bweneficiaries filled business forms designed by the office. This loan has an interest of 5% and will be paid back in the period of 7 month. Payments to these beneficiaries will be done within this month. The names of the beneficiaries are as follows:
Mrs. M. Thunga k10,000.00
Mrs. Elube  Amin k10,000.00
Mr. Byson Kabango k10,000.00
Mrs. Berther Vani k5,000.00
Mrs. Rose Milimbo k10,000.00
Mrs. J. Lumenda k10,000.00
Mrs. Lilian Mitanga k10,000.00
Mrs.  Flocy Chilambo k10,000.00
Mrs. Ellena Pongolani k10,000.00
Mrs. Nitter  Missi k10,000.00
Mrs. Catherine Makolo k10,000.00
Mr. Edwin Mangan k10,000.00
Mrs. Rines Mangani k10,000.00
Mrs. Fatima Amin k10,000.00


I thank you Margret together with your team in Ireland for what you have done for me. You sent me to school of driving with your money and I have managed to have a driving license just because of your kind heart. I will be using my car for both Zomba and Machinga  Zikomo projects. I will only need money for fuel and maintenance of the car to keep the car in good condition every time when we need it.


We had planned to do several activities at Kawinga project during these past two months, but due to some problems that I had with my car (theft case) we failed to fulfill them. As you know to hire a car to Kawinga project cost k18,000.00 Malawi kwacha, so with our budget, we can not manage paying that amount of money all the time we visit Kawinga project that’s why I always use my own car at a cost of fuel only.
And the following are the activities to be done:


This village needs :
100 bottles for bee keeping activities
One plastic bucket for the same activity.
One black board for adult literacy school
And if possible we should buy them extra bee- hives as three of their bee-hives were stolen by people.


At this village, the youth needs ink for screen printing activities. They have money for buying 10 T/Shirts. The shallow well at this village was finished however labour charge for the artisan of MK6000 is not yet paid.  By the end of this month we will go and pay him for the work done.
They need the following:
One boar goat (male goat)
9m plastic paper for roofing the adult literacy shade (block)
20 note books for adult literacy learners
They also need training on goat keeping. This will need more money so we can not do this time. They also need petty business so that they can generate money for their group.

During these two months, a total of k916903.22 was withdrawn to be used on various activities at the centre as follows:

14/06/10    Bought 2 bundles of white sugar    K5860.00
14/06/10    Bought 4 units of plastic plates for nursery school    K920.00
14/06/10    Transport to town    K300.00
14/06/10    Transport for sugar    K180.00
15/16/10    Money for yellow burns     K500.00
18/06/10    Transport to town to send Bank statement to Ireland    K300.00

18/06/10    Scanning the bank statement    K840.00
18/06/10    Sending bank statement to Ireland    K70.00
21/06/10    Money for groundnuts for nursery school    K500.00
22/06/10    Transport to the bank to find out money for solar system    K300.00
23/06/10    Transport to town to meet Dr.MacJessie and also check money for solar    K300.00
23/06/10    Airtime for communication    K160.00
23/06/10    Preparing drum for bakery construction    K3400.00
23/06/10    Transport to town when checking money sent by Margaret    K300.00
25/06/10    Monthly salary for Mrs. L.Mitanga (teacher)    K2500.00
28/06/10    Monthly salary for Mr. B. Makanda  (pm)    K30,000.00
29/06/10    Monthly salary for Mrs. L. Sonjera    K2500.00
29/06/10    Monthly salary for Mr. D. Sonjera for the month of June     K6000.00
30/06/10    Paid as part payment for solar installation  to Radio link communication    K197863.00
01/07/10    Money for groundnuts for nursery school    K1100.00
01/07/10    Transport for two people to town    K600.00
01/07/10    Bought cloth for school uniform 15m    K3750.00
01/07/10    Bought office wear 6m, lining 4m, flexi-form  1m, Zip 1unit, stiff 2m, oil, niddles 1 unit, elastic 2 inch 6m     K4850.00
01/07/10    Bought nails for shade construction 4 inches 0.5kg, 6 inches 0.5kg    K350.00
02/07/10    Bought linya for shade construction     K400.00
2/7/10    Bought 7 bundles of elephant grass for shade    K1050
2/7/10    Bought bamboos for shade    K300.00
2/7/10    Bought 1 note book and 1 pen for tailor    K45.00
2/7/10    Bought peutex for printing T/Shirts    K130.00
5/7/10    Transport to town to meet Dr. Macjessie on solar panels    K300.00
5/7/10    Bought one bulb holder, one bulb, 5m wire and one plug    K670.00
5/7/10    Bought plastic paper 8m for shade    K240.00
5/7/10    Bought one petty cash voucher    K70.00
7/7/10    Printing and photocopying business plan forms    K700.00
13/7/10    Labour for shade    K2,500.00
8/7/10    Transport to town    K300.00
9/7/10    Bought one complete set dish    K19,500.00
9/7/10    Bought one pc DVD player    K7,500.00
9/7/10    Bought one pc TV 21 inches    K22,000.00
9/7/10    Bought one Laptop computer    K85,000.00
9/7/10    Bought one seal tape    K195.00
9/7/10    Bought 2 mix items (extensions)    K1,160.00
9/7/10    Transport for two people to town    K600.00
9/7/10    Payment made for dish setting    K2,000.00
9/7/10    Bought yellow burns for tea at the office    K100.00
12/7/10    Payment made for driving licence (Mr. Makanda`s licence)    K7,500.00
9/7/10    Bought 5m wire, one bulb, one bulb holder and one plug    K540.00
13/7/10    Transport to town to deposit  money to Radio Link Communication for solar at Matande CBO    K300.00
13/7/10    Cheque was made for solar installation at matande and was deposited into Radio Link`s account    
13/7/10    Cheque  to Radio Link`s     K494,870.22
17/7/10    Bought one bag of cement    K2,300.00
17/7/10    Casual labour and transport for cement     K270.00
17/7/10    Transport to town to buy cement for bakery    K200.00
20/7/10    Bought 300 bricks for bakery construction    K900.00
20/7/10    Payment made for construct bakery (labour)    K1,800.00
20/7/10    Labour for water during construction of bakery    K500.00
20/7/10    Air time for communication    K400.00

BANK BALANCE B/F AS OF 24/7/10=K1,033,245.18