Report from March 2015 retorspective

This report highlights the progress achieved against plans, issues and challenges encountered during the implementation of the project activities since 2008 at Matande center in Zomba District. It also comes up with recommendations to achieve the best results in the near future.

Zikomo CBO was started with the construction of its Resource center in August 2008 and was completed in September in 2009. The project spent over k2.5 million on it. This resource centre is 18mx9m and can accommodate 300 people.

The project constructed a toilet for the CBO at the center. The project spent a total of k13,000.00 on this
program and is still in use.

The project also constructed a kitchen at Matande center. This building has rooms for library, grocery and stores. The project spent a total of k1,255,969.00 on this project.

After the construction, village committee was trained on readership skill and a total of 12 people (including village headman Matande) were trained. The project spent a total of k46,245.00 on this training, and it was for 3 days.

The project conducted training on screen printing in order to teach people of Matande center to do business on this program. A total of 20 participants attended this training and a total of k54,000.00 was spent on this program.

The project conducted training for Community HIV/AIDS facilitators. The training was conducted by NTERA team from collages of Chanco, Domasi and Machinga Teachers collage. A total of 30 participants attended this training, and almost a total of k130,000.00 was spent on this program.

This is to ensure an increase and diversification of crop production in all 11 villages where Zikomo CBO is working. During these 6 years of working in these villages, the CBO has contributed the following to its beneficiaries;

The project involved in inputs distribution like fertilizer and maize seed through Nursery School program at the center and a total of 413 children benefited from this program since 2008, and a total of 10 bags of fertilizer and 5 bags of maize seed were used on this program at the center, and a total of 48 bags each 70kg of maize were realized through this program.
Outputs/outcomes of the program
- A total of 413 children have benefited from this program through daily meals at pre-school.
- A total of 48 bags of maize (70 kg each) were realized through this program.
- Not only children benefited from this program as once the communities had activities at the center they were able to use it like when we were digging fish ponds


Under this program, the project planned to establish one communal garden at Matande center to support feeding program of the children and even the communities.
Outputs/outcomes of the program
- A total of 0.05 hectare was used for the program.
- A total of 1.8 tons of sweet potato tubers were realized.
- More than 600 people (children and parents) benefited from this program.

This is to support food security through increased land productivity by promoting small and medium scale irrigation and promote marketing of horticultural crops. The communities of Matande CBO were involved in this program almost for 4 years both at the center and on their fields.
Outputs/ outcomes of the program
- A total of k10,400.00 was realized from maize sales at the center.
- More than 20 farmers practicing this program in their gardens through CBO program and they
realized almost k130,000.00 from the program.
- A total of 6 bags of maize of 50kgs each were given to Nursery school program.
- A total of k9,550.00 was realized from vegetable sales at Matande.
- A total of 68 farmers benefited from the program at the center through Youth group and the
main committee.
Impact of crop production at Matande center

Increased diversified of crop production (maize, sweet potato, and vegetables) is resulting in food/ meal diversification amongst beneficiaries and nursery school hence improved nutrition. The income base has been boosted after selling surplus from different crops.
Farmers also use the vegetables as relish thereby improving their nutritional base, hence improved health.
Over 800 people have benefited from crop production program at Matande center.

This is to promote development of producers marketing saving and credit co-operative in order to empower rural communities socially and economically by providing them with support to actively participate in development activities and to start up small scale businesses. The project has been practicing this program at Matande for 4 years and was doing very well. Within 4 years of its implementation, the project has managed to distribute loan 5 times to the communities including chiefs. A total of 174 beneficiaries have benefited from this program at the center. The project is also practicing income and generating activities through hall hiring, charging phones, tailoring carpentry and horticultural activities.

Outputs and outcomes
- A total of 174 people have benefited from loan distribution program since 2010.
- The program has been grown up from k140,000.00 to k1,000,000.00 since 2010.
- A total of K2,915,000.00 was used for this program since 2010.

Impact of loan program
- Due to loans issued, more women are now involved in income and generating activities thereby improving their families` livelihood by procuring valuable family assets.
- The loan program is enabling even single women to run small scale business and sending their children to school.
- Some women have accessed animals like pigs through this loan program.
- Improved group cohesion amongst the members.

These women were also doing bakery business and a total of 41 women involved in this program. These women were baking different foods for sale as you can see in one of the photos bellow.

This is to ensure improved household protein intake and providing alternative source of income by facilitating access to small ruminant production. This program was introduced at Matande CBO in 2011 and is doing very well. The project spent a total of k98,500.00 on procuring 18 goats for Matande center.
Outputs and outcomes of livestock at matande
- The program has been grown up from 18 goats distributed to 59 goats.
- The number of beneficiaries has increased from 15 received the mother stocks to 24
- Impact of livestock program
- More and more farmers in the project area are accessing improved livestock breeds through pass on program.

Livestock farmers are becoming less prone to nutritional diseases since they are now accessing high value animal protein through the CBO.
Farmers who had finished passing on to other beneficiaries are able to sell some of their animals to those who are interested to rear them and the proceeds are used for general household needs.
Increased livestock holding per family or household.
Farmers benefited manure for their garden through this program.


This is to enhance literacy and numerical capability of adult illiterates of the communities for the better understanding of development. This program was started at Matande center in 2011.
Outputs and outcomes
- A total of 28 students were graduated from this center since 2011. Impact of adult literacy at matande center
- A total of 28 people have acquired reading, writing and numerical skills through Matande center.
- These acquired abilities enable these concerned people to properly run their small scale businesses by properly keeping necessary records.
- In addition, the acquired skills have enabled the learners to have increased participation in development activities as they are now being elected into position of community institution.
- The beneficiaries are able to read posters and news with massages about new farming technologies and HIV/AIDS and Gender massages, hence changes their altitude positively.

This is to develop skills and knowledge and change altitude of project beneficiaries, staff and other stakeholders. The project introduced tailoring school program at Matande CBO in 2010 as one way of strengthening the capacity of local institutions and beneficiaries and also as a way of income and generating activities.
The project procured a total of six sewing machines (2 electrical and 4 manual machines) wealth k134,500.00 for this program, and everything was quite good.
Impact of tailoring program
- A total of 24 students joined this program since 2010.
- A total of 16 students were graduated on this program through Zikomo CBO.
- Improved cohesion amongst the members, this made the center to be active all the time.
- A total of 2 instructors from within the villages were employed for the job through this program. Improved purchasing powers and powers to pay for casual labors.

This is also to develop skills and knowledge and change altitude of project beneficiaries, staff and other stakeholders toward positive development. The project introduced this program at Matande center in 2013 as one way of strengthening the capacity of local people and also as one way of income and generating activities. The project spent a total of k625,385.00 on this project excluding salaries of its instructor.
Impact of carpentry
- A total of 4 students joined the program at the center.
- This program has made the center to be known by people all over the area.
- Expensive products were made from this center that was one way of income and generating activity for the center.
- Improved cohesion amongst the communities in the area.
- A total of k450,000.00 would have been realized by this time if not was closed disturbed by chiefs.

This is it to provide the communities with access to potable water in the project area of Matande in Zomba. The project introduced this program at Matande in 2012 by contracting a shallow well at the center. The project spent a total of k290,000.00 on this program and the program is doing well and a total of 40 households are accessing water from this well.
Impact of potable water program at matande center
-The introduction of shallow well at Matande center has reduced distance to water source from over 1km to less than 300 meters on average in this village.
- This shallow well is benefiting over 40 households with a population of over 280 people in the village.
- Incidences of water-borne diseases have decreased in this area and as a result, the communities are concentrating on more productive activities.

The project had introduced fish farming program at Matande in 2011 in order to boost income for the center. The center had two ponds out of which one has been snatched away by Mr. Mabvuto Mangani, hence the project has remained with one pond. The project spent over k140,000.00 on construction of these ponds.
Outputs and outcomes of fish farming program
- Almost 70kg to 80kg of fish could have been realized from these ponds if not attacked by theft cases.
- A total of 54kg of fish were realized from this program at the center.
- Over 46 beneficiaries were benefited (given) fish for free from the project during harvesting

In the year of 2013, people from DCs office introduced a program for the youth at the center where parents were called for. So from 28/8/13 the program started at this centre and more children aged from 6 up to 15 years have been coming to do several activities like playing bawo, playing cards football and net balls and others.
Outputs and outcomes of youth program
- Under family planning, cumulatively the youth have managed to motivate a total of 269 people to go for family planning.
- A total of 74 children were supported with second hand clothes, soap and others at Matande center.
- A total of 33 elderly people were supported with second hand clothes, matches, soap, salt and others through this youth program at Matande.
- Almost 300 people have gained knowledge on positive living and benefits of HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.
- A total of k30,000.00 was realized from the program.
- The ponds themselves have changed the scenery positively (they are beautifying the area.
- The program has contributed to food security in the area in terms of increased access to fish production, improved household capacity to acquire food.

The project introduced this program at Matande center in order to assist elderly people in the area. The project started with construction a house to one our elderly people who is Mr. Edwin Mangani. And the construction is about to be completed. We have remained with fixing of glasses, doors, construct water drainage and others. This project of house construction will cost almost k950,000.00, but as of now we have spent a total of k879,945.00.

In order to supply electricity at Matande center, the project installed solar systems at this center. And a total of k1,545,383.22 was used for this program at the center.

The aim of this program in the project is to mainstream HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support into all project activities by strengthening institutional capacity and coordination to respond to HIV/AIDS epidemic at all levels.
The projects goal
Reducing incidence of HIV and improve life of those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Areas of concentration
- Prevention
- Mitigating impact
- Care and support
Pillars that project is using
HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming.
This is being done in all the components of the project activities and almost 300 people that are
chiefs, traditional leaders, religious leaders and the communities were oriented to the new concept from 11 villages of group village headman Matande.
Economic empowerment.
Almost 174 people were supported with money through IGA program to start up small scale business, and a total of K2,915,000.00 were used through loan program.
Food and nutrition security.
At Matande the project provided farm inputs to produce enough food for the children as follows;
- 10 bags of fertilize
- 5 packets of 5kg each
- 48 bags of maize 70kgs each were realized
- A total of 413 children were benefited from this program.
Community Based Support.
The project supported Matande center with a resource center (hall), and a kitchen with a library
and store room.
Work place support.
On this the project through youth groups provided information on health and HIV/ AIDS.  A total of 43 T/Shirts were distributed to this Matande youth group.
- A total of 10 Golf shirts were distributed to this Matande youth group.
- A total of 45 caps were also distributed
- A total of 16 balls were distributed to this group. Family planning.
Through youth groups the project motivates people for family planning methods. In 2013 a total of 143 people were motivated in the project area.