The warm heart of Africa

Malawi is a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa that is consistently ranked as one of the poorest nations on the planet. It has an estimated population of 14 million people, 52% of whom live below the poverty line on less than US$1 a day.

Malawi was colonized by the British in 1891, who ruled the country until 1964. Upon gaining independence it became a single-party state under the rule of Hastings Banda who finally lost power in 1994 during the country's first multi-party elections. Malawi now has a democratic, multi-party government under the leadership of president Bingu wu Matharika.

Malawi has been described by UN officials as the “perfect storm”. A storm that brings together crippling poverty, climatic disaster, the AIDS pandemic, and the long-standing burdens of Malaria, schistosomiasis and other diseases.

Despite these horrific adversities the Malawian people are resilient and have made their country become known as the “warm heart of Africa”.











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