Report from May to July 2019

Bee Keeping Program

For the period of May to July 2019, the project planned to monitor the performance of the program so as to produce more honey, find markets for the honey.

So far for the program is going on very well as honey producing period has started in the centers. Nsadi has realized 25 bottles of honey this month of July and Naktepa has also harvested their honey but not yet processed. So a total of 103 bottles has been collected since last year, and we are expecting to have more money from this program.

Outputs and outcomes of bee keeping

A total of 46 out of 67 beehives that were hanged are colonized with bees in all the centers.
- A total of 192 bottles of honey each weighing 250g were collected in the area so far Impact of bee keeping (apiculture) program
- Club members are able to buy fertilizer through sales of honey.
- The center is able to buy other foods for nursery school through bee keeping program
at the center.
- Honey availability as a source of food supplement and household income has
improved through apiculture program at Nsadi center