Malaria Prevention Programme Chizula 1

Progress Report July 2009

Compiled by:  Felicity Milligan/ Alexander Mpota

Date: 23rd June 2009


1.    Introduction
2.    Goals Accomplished
3.    Overall review of month

Our initial assessment of Chizula 1 village was initiated on 16/09/2008.  Collecting the data from each house took 2 months to complete the survey.  Each house was surveyed for the number of people and ages in the house, the no. of nets they had already and the condition of those nets.  In addition we collected data on the number of people reporting malaria in each household.

On 7th May 2009, due to the increase in the number of international volunteers we were able to begin distributing the nets.  Working systematically through the village Alexander Mpota along with the volunteers distributed around 24 nets per day, working 4 -5 days each week, 2 ½ hours each day..  Each net was marked with MVO on the tag and then impregnated and left to dry.  Alexander Mpota gave clear and detailed instructions and demonstrations of how to use the nets to the household, the importance of tucking them under their mats and also not to touch the sides whilst sleeping.

On 15th June 2009, Chizula 1 had successfully been completed and all required nets had been distributed.  In addition to the distribution of nets the Malaria prevention team have been spraying the houses, so far 58 houses have been sprayed with 146 to go, which will be completed over the next few months.

In addition the Malaria prevention team have been doing follow up surveys in Namakoma to ensure correct usage of the nets and to repair any holes. 

2. Chizula 1 Goals Accomplished
No. Houses Sprayed    58
Amount Fendona Used    2000ml
no. Nets Distributed    347
no. Personal Nets Impregnated    7
Total no. of Nets distributed    354
Total Number of Houses Refused     5
Total Houses Completed    206

Above is the total figures for Chizula 1. 

58 houses have been successfully sprayed and the spraying will continue until the other houses are completed.  The Malaria team can spray up to 10 houses per day.  On average we used 34ml of Fendona per house.

We have distribute 347 new nets and impregnated 7 personal nets.  This is on average 1.7 nets per house.

5 houses refused to take part in the Malaria prevention programme.

In addition during this period the Malaria prevention team have been conducting Phase 3 in Namakoma to ensure correct usage of the nets and to repair any holes. 

3. Overall review of malaria prevention in Chizula 1 and Namakoma
The distribution of nets to Chizula 1 has been successful and is now completed.  The spraying of the remainder of the houses will continue over the next few months.  Phase 3 – Monitoring and Evaluation, will begin towards the end of the year, 6 months after the nets were distributed.

Phase 3, Monitoring and Evaluation of Namakoma Village has been done, with fantastic results.  Prior to the nets being distributed, 372 cases of Malaria were reported in the village in the last year, and there were 18 deaths.  In the 6 months since the nets and education have been distributed in the village there have been only 5 cases and 0 deaths. This is a fantastic achievement and really shows the benefits of the great work that Zikomo along with ACT and MVO are achieving.

Many thanks to the hard work of the Malaria prevention team, Zikomo and the volunteers who all helped to successfully complete Namakoma village and Chizula village.  We are currently working on surveying Chizula 2 and will then begin distributing the nets in this area and surveying Nangoma village.