Mini report for building and other activities


DATE: 13TH /07/09

I received MK115000.00 on 4th July to continue activities. This report is to provide the level of construction and way forward so that the scheduled three weeks finishing time be adhered to. The report will also provide other activities taking place at Matande and way forward to other activities. The report will also provide expenditure.
The centre is at roofing stage. In fact tomorrow roofing will start. Roofing can finish within three days if all the materials are available. From the extension budget there are several things lacking. Extra timber worthy MK36400.00 has already been bought. There is a shortage of timber worthy MK85200.00 plus MK4000.00 transport. Iron sheets worthy MK161920.00 plus transport MK4000.00 and in both cases MK1000 labor amounting to MK2000.00.  The amount for extra timber and iron has increased due to delay. This amount can be sent by Western Union so the three weeks finishing date be adhered to and the rest of the money for other materials be send by Bank may be this same week if it has not been sent to reduce delay.


On Friday the 10th there was a village committee election.  After a briefing on how to select a committee and who should be in the committee, the elections started by voting. The village headman is not supposed to be in the committee as this makes other members not to be active as they feel inferior and can not question the headman decisions. The treasurer is now a woman for accountability. Only those who were not active were replaced by new committee members. Together 6 participants were elected.
Committee will be meeting on Wednesdays to discuss operations and way forward. On Wednesday I will also meet bakery group, embroidery group, and orphan care group together with village committee. It was agreed that activities are to start on all the groups which have not been active.. 
Deposited                                        MK115,000.00
Allowance Salary                                    MK50,000.00
7/7/0009        trip to Matande Verify material needed and
Progress on the building construction.
Walls were reported to be finishing on Friday. At Matande the community thought Cathy was happy
With the progress so I briefed them everything on Friday that she was disappointed as activities were at stand still in the community, the idea was to revamp committees and groups.
            On the budget sand was overlooked as was supposed 
            to be provided by community. Had been at internet café and
            Compiling requirement and additional                 MK4500.00
8/07/09    Taking quotations for materials which are additional to finish the building and supervising the building construction.   The community recommended that one window to be replaced by double door so that those using the hall should not enter through the office as you see on the picture.
            Calculations to choose where to buy what. Internet Café for
            Email but still not working but everyone who was desperate
            was waiting on a sitting role                    MK5500.00
9/07/009        Buying of timber at Chimimba near Songani             MK36400.00
            Transport of timber                        MK4000.00
            Labor                                MK1000.00
            Morning visit to Matande. Building in progress and Visited
            Edwin Mangani to verify the report of my work and visits.
            Discussing the decision to stop working with Matande centre
If  the progress can continue  as seen by the community. It was known that my visits and supervisions are important as the it has building the community confidence to accept that the project is real and my absence will jeopardize the little progress the project is making.                MK4500.00
            Internet and communication                    MK2000.00
10/07/009        Attending Village meeting at Matande. The community had
            Had changed they wanted to continue with the same
            Committee but upon discussions agreed to remove committee
            members who were not active and the village headman. The
Committee included participants from other villages within the group village headman. Now Matande has a new committee waiting to be trained.MK4500
TOTAL                                            MK11400.00
NOTE:    As reported or requested a computer or laptop give somebody an ample time to work and write reports, budgets and work plans. Good and well written reports are produced as you don’t report short cuts as sometimes I do to save resources spend on computer.
Thank you for your care to Malawians.