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Report on treadle pumps in Ntcheu


We register our thanks and appreciation for the donation of Ten (10) treadle pumps.

Attached is the report and pictures of how the pumps were distributed and how they will benefit the beneficiaries. Maranatha Ministries cannot thank you enough because your donation is such that will go a long way in alleviating of suffering of people who experience hopelessness and despair.

Brighton W. Wanyemba


Looking for a laptop

We were wondering would there be any company or individual out there that is upgrading their laptop(s) and would like to put there old one to good use. In line with our minimum adminstration cost policy our Malawian employee, Alice Sovereign Chisi, has been writing and emailing us her field reports from internet cafes.

FEWS Report

There was slight delay in the start of the rainfall season in some
parts of the southern region. Normally the southern parts of the country
receive planting rains around mid November but this season, many parts
of the country had not yet received planting rains by the end of
November. This is especially the case in the Lower Shire districts of
Chikwawa and Nsanje, where planting had not yet started.

Malaria Prevention Programme

Our final month working on the Zikomo Malaria Prevention project was a great success.  September we saw our first actual Malaria Prevention volunteer come out to the projects.  Martin Thomas worked hand in hand with Alexander Mpota, our malaria prevention manager, to get the job done.  Getting the final houses done was a tough task.  September coming into October, which is known as the suicidal month due to the heat, was really hot.  Spraying houses in the full spray suit, with face mask and goggles was a tiring job.  None the less the houses were sprayed, the

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