March/ April 2014 report

This report highlights the progress achieved against plans, issues and challenges encountered during the

implementation of the project activities in these two project areas during this period of January and

February 2013, the report also come up with recommendations to achieve the best results in the future.



This is to ensure an increase and diversification of crop production in the project areas of operation. For

the period, the project planned to monitor crop stand at Matande center, so far the crop stand is quite

good and this year Matande centre will produce more maize than all the previous years, we are

expecting to produce more than eight bags of 50kgs each. As of now the harvesting process is under

way. See the picture of maize that has already been harvested at Matande center below;


People of Matande have planted sweet potato near our pond as a supplementary food for the children

at the center. See pictures of sweet potato at this center below;


This is to promote development of producers marketing saving and credit co-operative in order to

empower rural communities socially and economically by providing them with support to actively

participate in development activities and to start up small scale businesses. For the period, the project

planned to monitor recovery of forth loan and business performance of some of the members of

Matande group. So far all these planned activities on this component were done as planned. On loan

recovery a total of k179,050.00 has been recovered from 1stMarch to 6thMay 2014, and a total of 24

members have finished their loan repayment , hence we have recovered a total of k864,350.00 and we

have a balance of k133,150.00.On monitoring of business performance, we visited some of the members

like Mrs. Mtambo and Mrs. Msuku who are selling tomato beans and other commodities. Their

businesses are doing very well as you can see in these pictures below,

The project also facilitated several revenues from various programs taking place at Matande center as

follows. On tailoring, a total of k2,000.00 was collected. On carpentry, a total of k41,000.00 was

collected during this period.

During the same period the project has decided to start doing business by procuring maize that will be

sold when maize becomes scarcity in the area. By doing this, the project will generate more money for

its activities. So far we have procured a total of 65 bags of about 85kg each. Below are some of the bags

of maize that we procured in one day;


This is to insure improved household protein intake and providing alternative source of income by

facilitating access to small ruminant production. During the period, the project planned to monitor the

performance of the program through meetings and visits. These meetings were made to monitor

livestock performance in terms of production of off-springs, their general welfare, and death of livestock

and off-springs passed on to new beneficiaries. During the period of March and April, a total of 2 goat

kids were kidded at Matande center.
Outputs and outcomes of livestock program

̧ For the period of March and April 2014, a total of 2 goat kids were kidded at Matande.

̧ Number of livestock has been increased from 59 goats distributed to 214 goats in the project


̧ A total of 87 beneficiaries have benefited from this program in the project area.

Impact of livestock program

- More and more people are accessing improved livestock breeds through passing on program in

the project area. And as a result, the livestock farmers are becoming less prone to nutritional

diseases since they are now accessing high value animal protein.

- The farmers who had finished passing on to other beneficiaries are able to sell some of their

goats to those who are interested to rear them and the proceeds are used for general

household needs.

- Farmers benefited manure for their gardens.

There is an increase of livestock holding per house


This is to enhance literacy and numerical capability of adult illiterates of the communities for the better

understanding of development. For the period of March and April, the project planned to monitor class

performance at Matande center. So far the program was done as planned and has been successful

during this period even though not many were coming for classes due to pre occupied with garden


Impact of adult literacy program

- More and more people in the project areas are acquiring reading, writing and numerical skills

through this program.

- The farmers are able to understand new farming technologies as they able to read through this



In order to provide access to safe drinking water of acceptable quality for basic needs, thereby reducing

the incidences of water borne diseases the project supported construction of shallow wells in its project

areas. A project has 2 shallow wells constructed in two of these four centers. And during the period the

project planned to monitor the performance of already established well at Matande. So far the well was

monitored as planned and the well is working very well and more people from 4 villages are accessing

water from it.

Impact of shallow well program

Reduction in distance covered by women in fetching water, hence time saved is used in carrying

out some beneficial activities in their homes.

Reduction in cases of water born diseases such as diarrhea and cholera, hence people are

health and able to carry out various development activities.


To promote small-scale integrated fish farming for utilization of protein and access to income the

program planned to monitor fish performance at Matande center. So far the program was done as


Fish farming performance

During the monitoring visits it is noted that fish in all the ponds is growing very well both at Matande

and this is very encouraging as all the ponds have good supply and steady water, and we are hopping to

realize more money this year than last year as we have more fingerings than of last year.


On this program, the project planned to monitor the class performance at Matande center and monitor

collection of funds through this program. So far the program was done as planned. Class performance is

quite good. On the same program, the project has produced a lot of clothes for sale as you can see a

picture of it below. And on collection the project has managed to collect a total of k2,000.00 during the



On this program the project planned to monitor the carpentry products and performance of class,

procure carpentry materials and monitor collection of revenue through this program. So far all these

planned activities were done as planned. The office has procured a total of 139 pieces of timber at a

price of k133,000.00 for the program, and the class is going on very well and every thing is ok and it has

more customers. We are producing a lot of assorted items ready to be sold.

Bazwell B. Makande