Matande CRC

Matande is a small rural village 10 miles outside Zomba. The Zikomo team visited the village in 2008 to see how treadle pumps that were donated to the community in 2006 were being used. The team was impressed with the results of the irrigation project but still saw a lot of poverty and need in the community. After speaking to the community about their major needs and problems the idea for a community resource centre arose.

With a high orphan population and a tightly-knit community keen to improve the livelihoods of all members of the village Matande was a perfect candidate for a CRC.

What we are doing:
1. Hold village meeting to ascertain needs for centre.
2. Establish a community committee to oversee construction and use of centre.
3. Draw up plans and get quotes for materials and labour.
4. Construct community centre with community contributing to labour, brick moulding and provision of sand.
5. Equip building with necessary furniture and supplies
6. Ensure that community groups are established and are able to use resource centre for activities.

The walls of the centre have been built and it is hoped that the construction will be finished by May 2009.