Treadle Pumps

Research showed that treadle pumps offered a highly effective solution to irrigating crops. Between 2004 and 2006 Zikomo managed to purchase 600 treadle pumps and with the help of Self Help International they distributed them to communities in the Zomba Region.

In 2008 the Zikomo team managed to visit some of the villages where the pumps are being used. In Libwalo village the team saw a real success story. Mr Malikita worked with the local Catholic Mission before he started his small farm. He had been using cans of water to irrigate his farm. As he had shown initiative in his farming methods, Zikomo provided him with a treadle pump in 2005.

He received training in the irrigation of his fields from Self Help International, while Australia Aid donated fertilizers and seeds. With these inputs he has been to start growing cash crops. He has started producing a few varieties of cabbage and paprika. He has bought 2 cows, sent his 7 children - 5 boys and 2 girls to school, and is in the process of making bricks to build a new house.

In Nkumbira village Mr. Mthiniwa started on his own initiative in 2003. The Ufumu (village chief) advised him to contact Self Help who organized him into an irrigation group and he received training in this process. He received a treadle pump from Zikomo which has enabled him to produce more cash crops. He is now producing tomatoes, cabbage and onions as well as the staples –maize and cassava.