Water Supply

The United Nations has set a target of halving the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water by 2015. We are trying to help reach this goal by doing our part in southern Malawi.

Nakutepa village is where Zikomo started building its first community resource centre in 2007. Following a visit to this village in 2008 the team was informed by community representatives that the villagers still had to walk a considerable distance every day to fetch clean drinking water. There was a source of water closer by but drinking from the open well was resulting in many of the younger members of the community getting sick. 

A recent study carried out by the UN confirms anecdotal evidence that women shoulder the bulk of responsibility for collecting drinking water when none is available in the village. This often results in many women being unable to spend more time in education.
Zikomo provided all the materials for digging the bore hole and installing a pump that is long-lasting and easy to maintain.